2023 WODs

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4 Person Coed teams will pair up in M/F Pairs. On the count of 3...2...1.. Go! One pair will start performing their Synchro sandbag cleans at the start line, behind a designated cone. Once their designated rep count of Sandbag cleans are performed, teammates will pick up the sandbags and complete the designated distance sandbag carry together. Pairs will alternate after each completed round. Pairs are NOT allowed to switch out during each round. Each round must be completed in its entirety prior to the next pair starting their round.

WoD 2 • Synchro Chipper

On the count of 3..2..1...Go! Athletes can start on the GHD for their synchro GHD Sit Ups. There is no start line for their teammates to stay behind during this workout. Athletes can switch up their M/F pairs at anytime. A hand to hand contact must take place to switch from one movement to another as they make their way through the Chipper. The workout area is designed as a Chipper and your team will move down the course until all movements are completed or time expires. Athletes must be aware of their judges position and cannot interfere or get between the judge and the performing athletes. Any interference may result in no reps or lost reps.

WoD 3 • Pick Your Poison Cardio Couplet

On the count of 3..2...1...GO! Rower and Runner will start. Any athlete and any gender can transfer on and off the rowers at anytime. The Freakin Runner will be in a sled push setting for the first .7 Distance. Once the distance is met. The last athlete on the runner must come off, perform 4 burpee over rower and tag the next athlete to start the Run. The waiting athlete, will be with the judge to switch the sledge push setting to the run setting on your machine.

WoD 4 • Final Push

All athletes will start behind the Echo Bike. On the count of 3..2..1..Go! One athlete will be allowed on the floor past the echo bike at a time, except for the Synchro Axle Bar Front. Athletes must tag in and out behind the echo bike for the entire workout. Workout has 2 separate scores, A and B. Score A is the 11min AMRAP of the entire workout. Score B is the 11min AMRAP of the Echo Bike for Calories.

April 22, 2023

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