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2023 WODs

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FALKEL, Team style

11minute AMRAP with 2 scores (Score A and Score B). All teammates will start behind the line with the MFR Machine. On the count of 3…2…1..GO! One athlete will start on the MFR for a 700m Sled Push. Another athlete will start on the FALKEL AMRAP. Teammates are allowed to switch out at anytime.

WoD 2

“Strongman Randy” Meet “TIRED”

This workout is 11minutes in duration with 2 separate scores (A and B).. All four athletes start behind the cone. On the count of 3..2..1 Go! One male and female will approach the Strongman Logs to perform reps. Teammates can switch out at any time. They must perform “Strongman Randy” for score “A” of their workout. Once complete the entire team moves forward on the turf to continue with an AMRAP of remaining time the workout “TIRED”, for score B. All athletes must stay in their lane along with any equipment. Athletes or equipment that leaves the lane will result in no reps until the violation is remedied.

Full Workout Video can be seen on YouTube channel

WoD 3


The goal of this workout is to accumulate 100 thrusters for TIME. Each team will have a M/F Pair of athletes complete a buy-in every round prior to completing an unbroken set of synchro Thrusters. The buy in can be partitioned anyway between the M/F pair on the floor. No substituting M/F pairs once they start the Buy-In. Once either barbell rests on the ground, the pair must stop and the next pair is tagged to start their buy-in and attempt on the thruster bar.

Full Workout Video can be seen on YouTube channel

WoD 4

Clean Ladder

Each team receives 11 minutes to go through the ladder. The goal is for the team to accumulate as many reps as possible. If a team were to finish the entire ladder, that would be their tie-break time. Only 1 athlete will go at a time. Once the athlete finishes the ladder or cannot lift the weight, they will go to the end of the ladder. The next teammate will then start at the beginning of the ladder and complete their attempt. This process is repeated until all teammates complete the ladder.

Movement Standards

  • The barbell begins on the ground.
  • Touch and go is permitted.
  • No bouncing barbell.
  • Muscle, power, or squat cleans are all permitted.
  • The rep is credited when the barbell comes to the shoulders with the hips and knees fully extended and the elbows in front of the bar.

April 22, 2023

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