YES, you may participate in our classes with an injury or disability. In our classes, members are taught proper form and movement which can help in the rehabilitation process and promote healing. We will work with you and the injury to provide you with a safe and functional training environment. Members with disabilities may also participate in what’s known as “Adaptive CrossFit,” utilizing adjusted movements to accommodate each individual.

No, don’t worry! We hear this question a lot, but it is a common misconception. We do not lift any weights with the sole intention of inflating our muscles, although you will see improved tone and definition (that’s a good thing!). In fact, most female athletes are well built, but very lean.

It means we can adapt the workout to suit your (read: anyone’s) level of fitness and ability. A scaled workout simply means “adjusted movements to account for an individual’s ability”! It doesn’t matter if you’re 96 or 6 years old, there is a way to do each and every workout in a challenging and safe way.

With proper coaching, and a true understanding of one’s limits, CrossFit is as safe (if not safer) than any other form of fitness training. If people at your current gym are saying this, consider the source – they don’t want you to leave, and they’ll plant fear to further their gains. ANYTHING you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly, or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility or health. Runner’s get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbows, strength trainers get strains, basketball players get sprained ankles, couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. (If you’re spending too much time on the couch right now, that’s hurting you, too!)

At Freakin Fitness we will instill Technique BEFORE Intensity. We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your entire WOD. By increasing your strength and flexibility, we will actually make it harder for you to get hurt! CrossFit done properly, is both safe and effective.

Yes, you can drop into a class, please show up 20 minutes prior to a class start time, to sign the appropriate waivers & pay drop-in fee’s.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!